Chiropractic care can help with a vast range of ailments from back and neck pain to headaches and whiplash, we use state of the art technology to identify irritated and dysfunctioning spinal joints - Go To Our Home Page
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What to Expect

First Visit

Your first visit will begin with a consultation with our Chiropractor Dr. Pippa Jones. She will ask you all about any problems you have been having which prompted you to attend the practice and also review your health history and find out about your health goals you would like to achieve while a member of the practice. Following the consultation if your problem sounds like something chiropractic can help you will be examined. If Dr. Jones feels that your problem is not suitable for Chiropractic care then they will do everything they can to find the best person to help.

The examination will include state of the art digital posture and range of motion testing (read more here) and any orthopaedic, neurologic and other Chiropractic testing the Chiropractor feels is necessary in order to completely assess your problem. If required the Chiropractor can refer you for x rays or an MRI. Once the Chiropractor has gathered all the information required in the consultation and examination you will be scheduled for your second visit.

Second Visit

On the second visit you will return to the practice for your report of findings. The Chiropractor will go through all the results of the digital and other testing performed at the first visit and explain why you would be a good candidate for Chiropractic care in order to reach your health goals. At this stage your care plan and all financial information will be explained to you. You will receive your first adjustment on this visit if you give consent to do so.

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