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Our Technology



Our practice uses the FlexVision Range of Motion™ by Myovision™ to measure the range of motion more accurately in the different areas of your spine. Chiropractors compare your range of motion with normal ranges, to get a better idea of how your spine is moving and functioning.

This is a pair of wireless inclinometers which reports back to a computer system. The computer system provides us with a set of graphs that outlines how your range of motion compares to the optimal range for each corresponding area of the spine, as well as how it compares to previous scans you had. Combined with other exam findings, we are better able to locate your problem area, as well as monitor your condition as treatment progresses.

Reduced range of motion could be due to pain, injury, scar tissue, misalignment, fixations, muscle spasm, or other underlying conditions.  Locating areas that have a reduced range of motion help the chiropractor better identify and treat areas of dysfunction.

Posture Pro

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Your examination will also include a state of the art computerized posture examination called “The Posture Pro." This examination involves the evaluation of your spinal posture in two dimensions. Your spine will be compared to normal values for stress, weight balance and potential spinal dysfunction. When the spine distorts into abnormal postures, undue stress is placed on the nervous system. Evaluation of the posture is quick, effective, and creates a permanent record of the status of your spine. Once a digital picture is taken, the data is fed into the program and a print out shows the results. You also will receive a computer-generated likeness of the present condition of your spine as compared to normal.
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