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Chiropractic Adjustments

The primary course of care will be specific chiropractic adjustments. This is the name given to the corrective care delivered by the Chiropractor at each visit. An adjustment involves specific movements or pressure applied to the spine and other joints in order to encourage proper movement and appropriate support. There are many different ways to adjust the spine and these are modified to suit the specific needs of each patient. Some Doctors use only their hands, while others will use specialised tables to deliver a quick, targeted thrust or an instrument that directs a repeatable force to remove any disturbance to your proper spinal motion and body support systems. Some adjusting approaches can result in a faint ‘popping’ sound. This sound is created by the shifting of gas and fluid in the joint. The presence or ‘loudness’ of this sound has little meaning and varies with each patient.

Your Doctor may recommend additional procedures or suggest other ways to help reduce inflammation, provide relief, or enhance the healing process. These may include ice, heat, muscle and soft tissue treatment and rehabilitation, nutritional advice, exercises, or other procedures.

Other Chiropractic Techniques

Traction using Adjusting Blocks

Some patients with low back or buttock pain resulting from sacroiliac joint dysfunction may favour more conservative chiropractic treatment over the traditional spinal manipulation techniques. Padded "blocks" that vary in shape and size are strategically placed underneath the body. With the patient lying face down, the practitioner can gently reposition the sacroiliac joints and other areas, employing gravity from the block instead of relying solely on force.

The Activator Adjusting Tool

The Activator is a specialised spring-loaded instrument that is used during an adjustment to provide a low-force impulse directed at specific locations along the spine. It is seen as a very effective and conservative method of treatment and is especially useful for very stiff joints, those patients who have reduced bone density and the very young.

Flexion Distraction

Flexion Distraction is research-documented technique to relieve lower back pain, neck pain, arm pain, leg pain and a host of other spinal related conditions like disc herniation, spinal stenosis, post-surgical continued pain, and pregnancy related back pain.

At Optimal Chiropractic we have treated successfully treated many of the above conditions through the use of our specific flexion distraction table. For further information on this technique please click on the link below

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