Aches and Pains as you get Older, is it Inevitable?

Written by Caffeine Marketing

August 3, 2020

Are aches and pains inevitable as you get older? As our bodies age, it is common to experience occasional aches and pains. These aches and pains occur because our muscles naturally get smaller, our bones get weaker, and our joints become stiffer and less flexible over time.

Aches and pains are uncomfortable and can make it challenging to live an active lifestyle. Inactivity is not healthy for your mind or body, so it is essential to find ways to maintain body movement. It can be tempting to ignore the issue and find comfort in your bed or chair, but this short-term relief can intensify your problems in the long run. Remember, just because you are suffering right now does not mean you will need to endure this discomfort forever.


So in answer to the question, are aches and pains inevitable as you get older… it is impossible to prevent old age, but you can slow down the effects it has on your body by participating in regular physical activity and stretching. Exercise is a fantastic prevention tool because it keeps your muscles, joints and bones healthy. Whether you love to dance, swim, cycle or briskly walk; do 30 minutes of physical activity five days a week to build muscle tissue and give your heart and lungs a workout.

Additionally, work on stretching, balance and coordination through Pilates or yoga to keep your joints and muscles flexible. Increased flexibility and strength will reduce your risk of injury and increase your ability to recover from any damage you suffer.

There is nothing more important than being proactive with your health!


Chiropractic care often brings success even after more conventional medical treatments have failed.

Chiropractic care diagnoses and manipulates the misalignment of joints in the spine to correct the effect that it has on your muscles, nerves and organs. Rather than just trying to mask the symptom a Chiropractor will identify and repair underlying problems that allow symptoms to develop in the first place. By correcting misalignments, therefore restoring and maintaining the normal function, your body will naturally repair damage and heal itself; relieving you of unwanted symptoms and restoring a good state of wellbeing. It helps you feel and function better than before!


At the Optimal Chiropractic and Wellness Centre, we offer unique care to all our patients. First, we complete a consultation which includes a digital posture and range of motion assessment to gather specific information about your spine. We then develop a personal care plan to adjust your body and help you achieve your health goals.

Our goal is to improve the health and wellbeing of all our clients. If you are experiencing recent or ongoing pain or other symptoms, or feel older than your years, don’t hesitate to contact us.

For more information about our Chiropractic care; state of the art technology; what Chiropractic is and how it can help you, visit www.optimalchiropractic.co.uk. We have an online chat room to answer queries and an online booking system to arrange a consultation with one of our highly skilled Chiropractors. Alternatively, call us on 029 2037 3967 or email us at enquiries@optimalchiropractic.co.uk

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