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Importance of Staying Hydrated

There are 5 pillars of health that we work towards at the Optimal Chiropractic & Wellness Centre: Nutrition Movement Mindfulness Sleep Brain/Body connection - aka Chiropractic adjustments In this blog we start to look at nutrition and in particular our hydration...

Blog Optimal Chiropractic & Wellness Centre

15 Ways to Tell Your Spine is Out of Line

With Spinal Awareness Week last week, why not learn how to be aware of your own spine?! Below are 15 ways to know that things aren’t quite right and guess what? Only one of them is to do with pain! Your Heels Wear Out Unevenly. This can be due to uneven leg length...

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Ergonomic computer workstation set-up advice

How to reduce the risk of long term injury at your desk At home, at school or college, at work, or on the move, more and more of us are spending large parts of our day using a computer. When sitting and concentrating on the screen for so long, we may not be aware that...

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School Bag Tips for Parents

For young children, 10% of their body weight might only be a few kilos so if they’re carrying lots of books and things they don’t really need, this will be too much weight for them. You see it every day, children with their heavy backpacks, leaning forward as they’re...

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Surprising Ways Posture can affect your Health

When you're at your desk sending last-minute emails, or deeply focused on editing that board presentation, your posture is probably the last thing on your mind. Though most of us probably don't actively think about our posture throughout the day, we should: Posture...

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Taking Care of Your Back at Work

An NHS study revealed that half of us are affected by back pain and 8 million working days are lost due to work-related back pain each year.  But there are many ways to avoid and ease back pain when working. Local chiropractor Rob Dobbs, says:   •   Be aware of your...