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Range of Motion

At our practice we also we digital range of motion analysis to enable us to measure and demonstrate to you the range of motion in the different areas of your spine.

The system provides us with a detailed set of graphs that outlines how your range of motion is compared to the optimal range for each corresponding area of the spine. This provides us with more complete information about how your spine is moving and functioning.

Combined with other examination findings, we are better able to locate your problem areas, as well as monitor your spinal health as your care progresses. There tends to be a strong correlation between the postural analysis and range of motion findings as proper structure (posture) enables the body’s optimal function.

Reduced range of motion could be due to pain, injury, scar tissue, misalignment, fixations, muscle spasm, or other underlying conditions.  Locating areas that have a reduced range of motion help the chiropractor better identify and treat areas of dysfunction.

Chiropractic Technology
Posture Analysis

Posture Analysis

Your examination will include a digital posture examination. This examination involves the evaluation of your spinal posture in three dimensions. Your spine will be compared to expected normal values for stress, weight balance and potential spinal dysfunction. When the spine distorts into abnormal postures, undue stress is placed on the various joints, muscles and the nervous system. Evaluation of the posture is quick, effective, and creates a permanent record of the status of your spine. Once a digital picture is taken, the data is fed into the program and a comprehensive report is produced which aids the specificity of the care provided.

Functional Screening

After your initial phase of care, we should be in a position to incorporate digital functional assessment to further enhance your care and progress you to your goals.

This testing is a subjective screening assessment used to assess how efficiently your body performs certain functional movements. The software identifies compensatory movements and considers muscles which could potentially be overactive or underactive with the intention of addressing these muscle imbalances and also aids exercise prescription to complement your adjustments.

Ergonomic Assessment

Reviewing a number of aspects of your lifestyle allows changes to be made to minimise the impact of these potential issues on your health. Many of us spend long periods sitting be it at a desk, in a car or on a sofa and we have software to gather the information we need remotely in order to perform these assessments.

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