How can a Chiropractor Help Me?

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July 3, 2020

How Can a Chiropractor help me?

Did you know that the human head weighs as much as the average bowling ball? If you hold this weight directly above your body, the muscles in your neck don’t have to work too hard to support it, but if you carry this weight in a forward position your neck muscles go into overtime and this leads to headaches, muscle pain, increased pressure on the discs, nerve irritation and in the long-run potential degeneration of the discs.

To prevent this from occurring, you first need to work out what’s causing your body to default into a curved position. There are many daily activities which invite us to hunch our shoulders forward, resulting in the weight of the head moving out of direct alignment with the spine, as mentioned above. Some examples of this are:

  • Driving for extended periods
  • Doing desk work or sitting at a computer
  • Texting and watching mobile screens
  • Computer gaming
  • Crafting

When you add work activities to leisure ones, you may be straining your posture for hours every day.

These activities, which increase the forward projection of the head, combined with a slouched posture, are a recipe for aches and pains! Poor posture tends to be a significant factor behind many other symptoms, so if you make an effort to improve this will see a reduction in aches and pains.

So, what is the solution? Our Chiropractors will be able to restore movement to your neck and spine, freeing up stuck joints and identifying which muscles need strengthening or stretching, plus they can help you identify the specific causes of your poor posture.  In addition to in-clinic care, our Chiropractors will often provide you with exercises to do at home to complement their adjustments.

You can also make small changes yourself, such as:

  • Correctly setting up areas where you spend a lot of time, such as your desk or car
  • Become aware not only of how you stand but also of your habits
  • Hold your phone at eye level to avoid tipping your head forward to look at the screen

You can book an appointment with us here at Optimal Chiropractic. Your first visit will begin with a consultation with one of our Chiropractors. They will listen while you describe any health concerns which have prompted you to connect with us and also find out about your health goals. A thorough examination will be performed, which includes state of the art digital posture and range of motion testing. If required, our Chiropractors can refer you for x rays or an MRI. Once our Chiropractors have gathered all the information they need, they will schedule your second visit.

Before the second appointment, they will review everything you have discussed, as well as process and assess the results of the digital testing. From this review, they will formulate their best possible recommendations for a personalised care plan to help you achieve your health goals.

Don’t put it off, book your first visit <<here>> and start your journey to optimal function!


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