How to have a better morning.

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Written by Pippa!

February 17, 2020

Dr Abigail Parker

This time of year, when its still cold and dark in the mornings, it can be hard to simply just get out of bed! Let alone get up and feel your best for the day ahead. So here are some top tips, to help make your morning easier.

1. Fill a bottle of water the night before.
Either keep a bottle (reusable, of course!) on your bedside table, or in the fridge, with some cold water in for the morning – the cold water will help to wake you up feeling nice and fresh, and will also set you on your way to staying hydrated for the ahead. Also, if you’ve already prepared it, you’re much more likely to use it.

2. Invest in a sunrise stimulating alarm-clock.
If you use your phone, or a traditional alarm clock to wake you up in a morning this can be quite a shock to the system. Especially in the dark!
An alarm clock that stimulates sunrise will wake you more gently and over a period of time, rather than suddenly, meaning you start the morning much calmer.

3. Stay off social media and emails.
Whilst we all like to check our emails in the morning, or see if there have been any changes to our diary or the day ahead, or even watch our friends instagram stories from yesterday evening, its important to give yourself a set period of time each morning where you don’t check your phone or laptop. Maybe leave your phone on charge downstairs? (After all – you have your new alarm clock now, so you don’t need to use it as a morning alarm anymore) Or decide you won’t touch until after you’ve finished your cup of coffee (or cold bottled water!), to give yourself a clearer headspace first thing in the morning.

4. Day light.
Make sure you get to see some daylight as early as possible in the day. Daylight is really important both for your mental health and to absorb vitamin D for bone and muscle health. Try to either open the curtains once your up, or sit by an open window! But don’t forget your sunscreen.

5. Mental Health focus.
Just spend 5 minutes, with no distractions – no radio, tv, phone or laptop, and run through your day in your own head. Do you have a busy day you need to brace yourself for, or are you grateful for an exciting day ahead?

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